Fun team building, soft skills training, CSR and corporate events throughout SE Asia using modern and active learning techniques

Team Building Koh Mak: Discover Serenity in Paradise

Discover team building paradise on Koh Mak, nestled in the Gulf of Thailand. Pristine beaches and lush landscapes provide an inspiring backdrop for fostering camaraderie and personal growth within your team.

Team Building Bangkok: Modern vs. Ancient Contrasts

Experience a dynamic Team Building race in Bangkok, blending modernity and tradition. Navigate megamalls, explore village homes, and embrace historic temples. Strengthen teamwork in this thrilling adventure through vibrant Bangkok.

Team Building Chiang Mai: Embrace Tradition and Nature

Team Building Chiang Mai thrives amidst scenic mountains and traditional Thai culture. Explore teamwork in the serene setting of Chiang Mai’s old city and its surroundings during this interactive event, fostering camaraderie and unforgettable experiences.

Team Building Pattaya: Thrills on the City and Beaches

Team Building Pattaya offers a buffet of thrilling activities, combining city explorations and beach adventures. Compete in tab-based treasure hunts, feel the adrenaline rush, and foster teamwork in this dynamic setting.

Team Building Hua Hin : Tablet-Based Amazing Race by the Sea

Hua Hin, Thailand offers the ideal setting for team building with its beautiful beaches and thrilling activities. It is a perfect destination to promote teamwork and collaboration within your team.

Team Building Phuket: Discover Hidden Beauty Competitively

Explore the benefits of team building in Phuket, where you can enjoy the picturesque tropical beauty while strengthening bonds and teamwork within your organization. Engage in unique activities and experiences that will have a lasting positive effect on your team’s dynamics and productivity.

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tabtourthailand is a team event for groups of 10 to 1,000+ participants.


You will get an immediate analysis and evaluation of event targets and also the measurement of success after each tabtour.


tabtours are real-time events that inspire teamwork, communication, strategic planning, leadership and creativity.


tabtourthailand is available across South East Asia — from Bangkok to Vientiane to Jakarta and dozens of other cities. And tabour is available in dozens of different languages.


We can implement your branding, event targets, and corporate goals. We can custom design locations, tasks and puzzles that makes your event perfect for your team.


tabtour offers the possibility to integrate your learning modules into your event.


“Great organization of teambuilding activities run with wonderful software which ensured tasks were done within the required scope. It was amazing to get around the city in such a short of time and complete such a variety of activities”

Cultural Immersion Experience team building program in Phnom Penh

“On behalf of the team, big thank you for organizing a wonderful amazing race in Ho Chi Minh City for us. The team had a great time exploring the city while completing the challenges!!!”

Cultural Immersion Experience team building program in Ho Chi Minh

“A very well designed and programmed activity!”

Cultural Immersion Experience team building program in Bangkok

“tabtourasia made team building hassle free, and more importantly, FUN! I will absolutely be using them again.”

Cultural Immersion Experience team building program in Siem Reap

“… previous conferences often were ‘too much work and not enough fun’… we definitely turned this around with tabtourasia. Everyone was commenting on what a great time they had and how it helped them stay more engaged with the main subjects. Great job guys thanks.”

Interactive Conferencing and Cultural Immersion Experience team building program in Siem Reap

“…This event was a huge success among all employees , everyone had an amazing time. It was the perfect balance between team building and fun and really reflects to team work within the company. Many thanks! We definitely recommend this team-building event.”

Cultural Immersion Experience team building and MICE in Chiang Mai

“We simply had a blast! Everybody enjoyed the day very much, and as a manager I can tell that the team got closer and learned from each other during the experience, and that’s the output I was hoping for!”

Cultural Immersion Experience team building program in Chiang Mai

“Fun and very enjoyable. Using tablets during the amazing race game adds more to the excitement when completing activities. I would definitely recommend this to other people.”

Cultural Immersion Experience team building program in Chiang Mai

“…This 2 day workshop exceeded all expectations. Professional trainers and facilitators, well designed activities and great support”

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