Shared benefits. Everybody wins

CSR targets:

Provide suitable half-day to 3 day community development programs.
Encourage companies to become involved with community projects.
Improve educational facilities and opportunities


CSR extra’s (besides high quality programs and open funding insight we like to provide):

Ready press release with photos, information, FAQ and company specific articles, all using your corporate template.
Project follow-up. Photos, personal communication and data.
Have hands-on activities for corporate participants together with the local project target participants. E.g. Learn about wood craft, plumbing, electronics, construction together and use the learned skills to build a new toilet block at a local primary school.
Shared benefits. While the company gives to the community, the company staff learns life-lessons from those they help.

Our next project:

Young Women’s Development Institute Foundation for Rural Development

 This school is founded to give girls from poor areas in Thailand a change to have a career. The girls come from families that cannot pay for education.  Often girls from these area’s  marry very young or end up in prostitution. The current 54 girls are between 15 and 18 years old and live inside the school.

In agreement with the school we will host our next CSR projects here. We will bring corporation and have them involved in many of the maintenance necessaries (e.g. upgrading the bathrooms, repairing the water filter, varnishing the schools tabels and chairs, donate handicraft and sport materials etc.).

Further we will involve to girls in activities for the corporate groups to let them socially interact, practice their English and give them an idea of what it is to work in the hospitality industry.