Smoothie Challenge

SmoothieThe Game

Everyone knows that a blend of the finest and freshest ingredients makes the best
smoothies. The same is true for your company. A great blend of people who are able
to communicate and work well together to agreed targets is your recipe for success.

Our Smoothie Challenge is an experience that puts team work and communication
skills to the fore, whilst providing many opportunities for fun and laughter.

The objective of the game is to be the best. And being the best depends on how
you successfully reach the target objectives, and most importantly, convince the other teams that you have done so.

The Objectives

Teams must plan, design, and make a delicious smoothie, in order to present their product and ideas succesfully to the other teams while taking into account the benchmark targets your company wishes to focus on.

Talk with us to customize your target choices such as cost control, marketing, logistics, channels, sustainability, quality control, or waste control to maximize the benefits from the event on your team building day.

At some point during the presentation, chosen targets should be addressed in such a way to show how the teams ideas are relevant to your team’s work responsibilties and/or the company practices.

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