Bridges Challenge

Bridges Challenge

Humankind has long understood that bridges are imperative for our wellbeing and comfort due to the trade and communication it can facilitate. The term ‘bridge’ in fact, is often used to describe non-physical structures to explain bonding between entities.

Poor communication lies at the root of many problems, leading to mistakes, quality problems, conflict, missed deadlines, and lost opportunities.

Our Bridges Challenge addresses these issues through setting an environment indoors or outdoors for teams to improve skills in problem solving, communication, creative thinking, and cooperation.

The Objectives

Teams must each build a bridge to compete against each other. Or a variation is for teams to build a single bridge together in parts with restrictions on available means of communication. In both events, a minimum set height and a minimum set span will be provided at the onset which must be completed. The finished bridge or bridges must then successfully support a weighted model car to cross on completion.

Teams must discuss together how to build their bridge using the items they have chosen from various materials provided on the day.

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