Buzzer Plus+

Buzzer Plus+

Get some buzz in your conference. Buzzer Plus+ brings direct interaction to conferences, seminars or meetings between delegates, presenters and company information. This activity is used to create greater participation,
attentiveness, and discussion. Buzzer Plus+ generates fun in the conference while allowing questions and answers to be freely shared openly within and across teams.

This module can be programed in the following ways:

  • Quizzes where teams can tap to be the first to answer speakers, topics or fun related questions.
  • Generate interaction between teams and speakers by tapping buzzers to ask questions.
  • Synergize tangible team games with the speakers topics.

Unlimited number of buzzers can be included for large conferences, whichare all connected to the game dashboard displayed live on the projector. This shows which team buzzed first and the game scores.


• Enhanced knowledge understanding and retention.
• Fully interactive and engaging.
• Guarenteed replicated knowledge transfer to all participants.
• Immediate responses or instructions.
• Can be used by single or multiple people.
• Real time tracking and feedback.

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