Fashion Challenge

Fashion Challenge

A story for fashioninstas, creativionatos & enthusiasts.

You may be surprised what your team is capable of once leaving the boardroom. You may be a star designer or the next Armani, Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld.

This team building event takes you through a journey from sketch to design of haute couture. Your team will go trough a mind-boggling adventure to create the most stylish outfit and to outperform competing teams on the cat walk.

Bring out the fashionistas, creativionatos, design enthusiasts, fashion gurus and outside the box thinkers from all your department.

The Objectives

Teams will be instructed by the organizer to build a setof self-made costumes to compete with fellow teams for the crown of House of Fashion. Teams need to relate the costume to their team and build performance into their cat
walk show. Talk with us to customize your target choices such as cost
control, marketing, logistics, channels, quality control, performance or timing to maximize the benefits from the event on your team building day.

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