Reaction Challenge

Reaction Challenge

Inspired by Rube Goldberg’s unique vision for unleashing creativity, our Chain Reaction event stimulates creativity and team collaboration. This program creates an exhilarating and high-energy environment, requiring participants to combine strategy, imagination, and hands-on action.

Teams work separately and together in this program to create the longest continually moving chain possible with the space and materials available. Teams are provided with a budget to purchase materials from the depot in order to build their section of the chain in their allocated space.

Once all team chain sections are completed and all connected, the chain is begun by activating the starting point with a ball or other movement which sets off a continuous reaction along the entire chain, until the final item is triggered which releases a company banner drop down to celebrate the success of the project.

The Objectives

Teams of approximately 10 get a station area to build a section chain reaction that must stay within their station for at least 15 second before moving to the next team. This requires collaboration, communication, planning and thinking outside the box to enable a successful design of their section of the entire chain. Materials like sticks, marbles, balloons, switches, dominos, balls, elastic bands, etc. can be obtained from
the depot.

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