Interactive Conferencing

Our interactive conferencing tools put an end to potentially uninspiring multi-speaker seminars or conferences. After each presentation, participants vote in small teams on the speakers according to pre-selected categories and then receive quizzes about the speaker’s content. Points are earned for the teams by voting and solving tasks correctly. Extra related puzzles or fun questions can be included during breaks or breathers between speakers.

This fully interactive tool enables the seminar delegates to become actively engaged with the speakers and their main subject. This then promotes discussion of the content with a fun and competitive approach. In addition, this stimulates teamwork, motivates groups and increases the team spirit.

For optimizing further conferences, we can analyze and evaluate the voting and answers of the speakers to see how much of their presentation content reaches the audience.


Our interactive conference tool makes each of your speaker’s presentation interactive with the delegates, resulting in a unique experience for each. This enables knowledge transfer with a lot of fun, and encourages networking and discussion between delegates.

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