The Game

This 2-3 hour indoor event is suitable for small or large groups and can be used as a loosening up during a meeting or seminar.

The Quizzical Affair takes the heat off participants through bringing enjoyment in an informal problem solving and real time quiz show style environment. All involved will enjoy feel their adrenalin and motivation soar which provides an energy boost for later tasks. Individual and meeting related tasks can be implemented in the quiz if required.

The Objectives

Participents are divided into small teams, where they will be provided with riddles, tricky questions, tasks and other varieties of brain teasers on their tablet pc. Participating teams are connected with each other so that as each team achieves a correct solve, the allocated score can be seen by all competing teams. This allows real-time co-ordination to change strategies in order to win. This real-time data exchange brings fun and energy to the activity. Live scoring stops a little before the program ends so that a gripping showdown can be demonstrated.

The Best

Teams will be judged on a point system for succesful solves. The final tally will be presented at the end of the event. Certificates can be provided on request.

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