Activities that bound. By taking the group outside their automatic surrounding we stimulate communication, leadership and creativity during an informal, active and fun setting. The high-tech tabtourthailand module provides you with challenging tasks and live score updates. We target a positive work attitude and effective team work.

Only the team which communicates and works together best, can win the challenge. In teams you will start the adventure equipped with tablet PCs that will show you many challenges. Taking in account the time, scoring and position of other teams your team need to make strategic decisions on what challenges you what to complete.

The challenges are a soft mix of mental and physical activities that enhance the team efficiency by stimulating teams to communicate, plan, problem solve, manage,lead, motivate and be competitive.


  • Mental 80% 80%
  • Educational 60% 60%
  • Team work 100% 100%
  • Communication 95% 95%
  • Physical 70% 70%
  • Fun 100% 100%
  • Leadership 80% 80%
  • Strategy 70% 70%




We develop individually tailored events and integrate your learning modules into your event. tabtour therefore offers the possibility to combine seminar and discovery event by linking educational, gaming and conference.


tabtourthailand and fun belong together. There is a lot of fun involved during the event and also afterwards during the emotional showdown. Try it out!


tabtourthailand team building programs enhance an ongoing communication among the team members and also ensures a constant interaction. Only the team which is able to ensure a good communication, planning and leadership as well as a collaboration among themselves  can win the challenge.


Professional teambuilding is an effective motivation tool and an important component of organizational development. tabtourthailand manages to bring people together from all kinds of different fields and with varying levels of requirements.