tabtour’s original comes back with it’s classic game format. Innovated technology will make this event a blast.
Perfect for the medium and larger group sizes. This event will start with a warm-up with the whole team before a dividing into team. After instructions and the hand-out of materials teams will start a head on battle that is modern, fun and will enforce team members to work together.
When teams come back a refreshment will be served while watching the show-down. What team made the best decisions, planned ahead and approached the tasks smartest?

  • Mental 85% 85%
  • Educational 70% 70%
  • Team work 100% 100%
  • Communication 90% 90%
  • Physical 75% 75%
  • Fun 100% 100%
  • Leadership 70% 70%
  • Strategy 95% 95%