Chiang Mai Royal Flora Quest

tabtourthailand-chiangmai-royal-floraChiang Mai Royal Flora Quest

Experience all this beautiful garden park with our activities based tablet guide. Play casually, with friends, or in groups against other teams for an adrenaline rush lots of fun.

Strategize and compete interactively against other teams in this digitally supported amazing race style team building event.

Equipped with a tablet pc, explore the culture, sights and history of the city freely. Teams plan their route together by choosing from a large selection of GPS spots and team stations which contain exciting tasks to solve.

Earn points by learning about the city, taking photos, solving puzzles or talking to locals, and see all scores in real time! Excitement for all, guaranteed, while fostering friendship and communication, for positive team building results.

Customize Your Event

• Half Day or Full Day events
• Flexible group numbers and team sizes
• Follow up team building programs available
• Photography and other media services offered
• Dinners, catering, gala and ceremony opportunities
• Corporate Social Responsibility options

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