Make conferencing fun, get the attention back, enhance team spirit and personal connectivity, stay motivated. We are happy to design a fitting program with these example options:

The puzzle challenge -> In a rotating team schedule solve puzzles and connect with each other while having fun.
Sneak peek construction -> Observation and communication are critical to receive the best result. This game challenges said skills.
Communication games (See, Smell, Talk, Feel, Taste) -> Have fun using (or rather not using) some of your senses to gain the best results.
Win-Win balls -> The win-win concept played and explained in an easy game.
Room rafting -> What if the conference room became a swamp and teams need to cross it. The team that uses the fewest resources wins

  • Mental 90% 90%
  • Educational 65% 65%
  • Team work 90% 90%
  • Communication 100% 100%
  • Physical 25% 25%
  • Fun 100% 100%
  • Leadership 70% 70%
  • Strategy 60% 60%